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See also: AMAZONE FT 1001

The AMAZONE FT 1001 is a Liquid Fertilizer Tank available in Farming Simulator 15. Its only function is to increase the capacity of a Sprayer, such as the AMAZONE UF 1801.


The FT 1001 is nothing more than an expansion tank for Liquid Fertilizer. It has no function of its own, but is capable of carrying an extra 1125 liters of liquid fertilizer, to increase the capacity of a tractor using an AMAZONE UF 1801. If mounted on its own, the FT 1001 does absolutely nothing.

Therefore, in order to use the FT 1001, it must be mounted on the same tractor as an Amazone UF 1801. Since both of these tools have a Three-point hitch, this absolutely requires a tractor that has Three-point hitches on both the front and back. It does not matter which of the two tools is mounted on the front or the back, though Hired Workers may get better field coverage with a rear-mounted UF 1801.

When connected as described above, the FT 1001 increases the total fertilizer that the tractor can carry from 1920 liters to 3045 liters - comparable to the amount of fertilizer in an Amazone ZA-M 1501.

Note that the hotkey help menu indicates that the UF 1001 can be "turned on", even when mounted alone, but the key will do nothing. Also, the FT 1001 cannot be lowered or raised on its three-point hitch, unlike other pieces of equipment.

Bugs Edit

Depending on the version of your game, you may run into several different problems with the AMAZONE FT 1001.

  • The FT 1001 tank may or may not automatically fill when dual-mounted with a UF 1801. When filling the tank, the game will only fill the UF 1801, and will leave the FT 1001 untouched. To force the tank to fill, disconnect the UF 1801 and drive up to the fertilizer tank with only the FT 1001 mounted.
  • The FT 1001 may or may not get used at all while working. In other words, any fertilizer in this tank will be completely ignored, even when the UF 1801's tank runs empty. If using a Hired Worker, this will cause the worker to begin buying his own fertilizer at a much higher price in order to continue working, even though he hasn't used any of the fertilizer in the FT 1001 tank. In manual work mode, the UF 1801 will simply stop working when it runs out of fertilizer, completely ignoring the extra 1125 liters in the FT 1001 tank.


  • Price: $5,500
  • Maintenance: $10 / day
  • Capacity: 1,125 L
  • Selling price: $2,750 ($3,300 at shop)
  • Mass: 210(empty) 775(full) kg / 460(empty) 1,705(full) lbs

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