In Farming Simulator 15, the store offers a category of equipment titled "Baling Technology". This category contains all equipment that is used for the purpose of creating and transporting Bales of Hay, Straw and Silage.

However, the devices in the list are quite different from one another, serving different tasks related to Bale work. They cannot be directly compared to one another.

Therefore, the Baling Technology category can be further split into four sub-categories, containing all of the equipment available in the base game:

  • Balers are the devices that create bales. They pick up loose materials from the field, compact them, and leave Bales behind.
  • Bale Trailers are actually general-purpose flatbed trailers that can be manually loaded with a large number of Bales, and transport those bales elsewhere.
  • Bale Loaders are similar to Bale Trailers, but are capable of both loading and unloading themselves automatically. They speed up bale collection immensely, and allow creating neat bale stacks for storage.
  • Bale Wrappers can take Hay bales, and transform them into the much more valuable Silage bales.

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