FS17 Bergmann-GTW430
FS17 Bergmann

The Bergmann GTW 430 is an Auger Wagon available in Farming Simulator 17. It is the largest and most expensive of the two Auger Wagon models in the base game. It is slightly too big to be filled using Skid Steer Loaders or small Harvesters.

Advantages Edit

  • High Capacity: The GTW 430 is the largest of the two Auger Wagon models available in the base game, by a good margin. Its capacity is similar to that of a Large-class Tipper.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Expensive: The GTW 430 is the more expensive of the two Auger Wagon models available in the base game, by a margin of $36,000. Once you can afford it, however, it is typically better than the smaller model.
  • Too Large for Small Equipment: The GTW 430's side walls are just a little too high to be easily loaded by Skid Steer Loaders (although they can still do so with some difficulty). It is also too large to service the smallest Harvesters, such as the Sampo Rosenlew Comia C6.
  • Very Heavy: Even when empty, the GTW 430 is heavier than any Tipper, at almost 12 tons. When full, it can easily weigh in excess of 30 tons (especially when carrying Solid Fertilizer). Only a powerful Tractor or Truck can tow this wagon comfortably when full.

Specifications Edit

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