Bergmann HTW 65


Bergmann HTW 65

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The Bergmann HTW 65 is a Tipper available in Farming Simulator 15. Unlike other tippers, it is designed to hold Chaff, in very large quantities. The HTW 65 can supposedly also carry large quantities of Grass, but it is unclear how Grass is meant to be loaded into it.


The Bergmann HTW 65 is a large Chaff Tipper. It is designed to offload Forage Harvesters like the Krone Big X 1100, and ferry the Chaff to a Fermentation Bunker in order to turn it into Silage.

Unlike other Tippers, the HTW 65 can only carry Chaff and Grass. It is currently unclear how Grass is supposed to be loaded into this Tipper, but it is theoretically possible. This device is not a Loading Wagon, so it cannot collect mowed Grass from the field.

The capacity of the HTW 65 is 55,000 liters. When assisting a Chaffing Harvester, it can collect the yield from over 60% of a hectare of Corn before it fills up. Note that the HTW 65 is a very heavy vehicle, and will likely require a very large towing tractor even when empty.

The HTW 65 is the largest Tipper in the base game that has a Drawbar (Ball) at the front - meaning that it can be directly attached to any tractor in the game, as well as to most Harvesters, and even the Lizard PiQup. However, it cannot be attached behind the Krone Big X 1100 (the Forage Harvester that it is meant to service), nor behind another Tipper. The HTW 65 is also the largest Tipper in the game that has a Drawbar (Bolt) attachment in the rear, so that another (smaller) Tipper or other small trailer can be attached behind it, to form a train. Such a train further increases the amount of Chaff that can be collected before the tractor needs to go off and unload the Chaff at the Biogas Plant.

The HTW 65 can be commanded to unload its cargo when it is inside a Fermentation Bunker. It only has a hinged door at the back, but this should be no problem at all, given the limited tasks that this Tipper is required to perform.


  • Price: $75,000
  • Maintenance: $90 / day
  • Capacity: 55,000 L
  • Selling price: $37,500 ($45,000 at shop)
  • Mass: 8,820 (Empty) 20,705(Full) kg / 18,120 (Empty) 45,645 (Full) lbs
  • Fruit Types: Chaff, Grass
  • Front Hitch: Drawbar (Ball)
  • Rear Hitch: Drawbar (Bolt)

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