The Biogas plant processes different organic materials into silage. Chaff, Grass, or Wrapped bales can be processed. Preparing and then processing silage is one of the best sources of income in the game. The plant is also a good source of free liquid manure.

Specifications Edit

Capacity of a single concrete silo: 600,000 litres

Minimum silo fill level to begin fermentation: 60,000 litres

Processing pit volume: 20,000 litres (processing rate is 26,5 l / sec)

Liquid manure tank capacity: 800,000 litres

Operating at the Biogas Plant Using Silage Edit

  1. Deliver chaff or mowed grass to the silos (concrete alleys) at the biogas plant;
  2. Drive over the pile to compress it;
  3. Once the silo is at least 10% full, drive over it to compress it to 100% and stand on top of the pile and press "R" to blanket it;
  4. Wait untill it is 100% fermented;
  5. Pick it up with front loader and a silage fork or a universal bucket and dump it in one of the pits in front of the large circular buildings;
  6. When the processing of your goods is finished your slurry tank will be refilled with free liquid manure to use it as a fertilizer for your fields.

Income Rates Edit

One thousand of litres of silage processed at the Bjornholm biogas plant gives you around 2560 $ on easy, 1280 $ on normal and 640 $ on hard difficulty. The Westbridge Hills plant pays 1650 $ on easy, 800 $ on normal and 400 $ on hard difficulty levels.

In addition to direct income from processing your goods, the biogas plant produces liquid manure as a by-product at the rate of 3 litres per each 10 litres of processed organics. Also, the processing follows the time acceleration so when you reached the capacity limit of the pit (50,000 l), you can speed up the in-game time to save you some real life time.

Tip: The fastest way to load and transport mowed grass to the silos for fermantation is to use a dual-purpose forage wagon. The most efficient way of transporting prepared silage from the biogas plant silos to the processing pit is to use a tractor with a bucket, or one of the Wheel Loaders.