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The Brantner E 8041 is a Tipper available in Farming Simulator 15. It is the smallest tipper in the base game. A game will start with one E 8041 already owned.

Overview Edit

The Brantner E 8041 is the smallest and cheapest Tipper in the game, designed to carry Crop yields and other materials from place to place, and to dump said materials into stationary receptacles when needed. It is especially suitable for unloading Harvesters, but can be used for any number of other tasks.

Each game will begin with the player already owning one E 8041. It will be colored olive green, as seen in the picture to the right.

The Brantner E 8041 is a universal Tipper, which means it can carry any of the following: Wheat, Barley, Canola, Corn, Sugar Beet, Potato, Chaff, Silage and Wood Chips. Additionally, the low sides of the E 8041 make it easy to load with Bales if necessary (it can comfortable carry several of them), though these will be carried "loose" and may fall off during careless driving.

The capacity of the E 8041 is 8,500 liters. This makes it capable of emptying most the smaller Harvesters in one go. Once larger harvesters are acquired, two E 8041s can be attached into a train, and together they can empty any of the regular Harvesters in the game in one go (the larger Sugar Beet or Potato Harvesters may require several such runs). The low weight and size of the E 8041 makes it perfect for this task - two E 8041's, even when full to the brim, can be comfortably towed by a relatively small tractor.

The Brantner E 8041 has a Drawbar (Bolt) at the front, so it can be towed by any of the small and mid-range tractors. It can also be towed behind a Krone Big X 1100 Forage Harvester. You may also attach it to larger tractors by using a Weight as an adapter. The E 8041 itself also has a Drawbar (Bolt) input slot at the rear, so that another trailer (another E 8041, or other device) can be attached behind it to form a train.

The E 8041 can be commanded to unload its cargo whenever it has reached a designated unloading point, such as the Silo at your farm. The E 8041 has hinged doors on both sides as well as the back panel, which means it can unload in pretty much any direction. This makes it easy to sideways-unload Sugar Beet, Potatoes, and Wood Chips into their respective compartments at the farm storage facility.

Finally, the E 8041 is the only Tipper in the base game that can be given a custom paint-job. This occurs when first purchasing the device, and the color scheme cannot be replaced later.


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