FS17 CaseIH-Quadtrac
FS17 CaseIH

Case IH is a licensed American brand returning in Farming Simulator 17. With 12 pieces of equipment in the game, Case IH is a major brand in the game, just as it is in real life. Case IH has 5 tractors, 3 harvesters and 4 headers included in the base game.

Advantages Edit

  • Generally more storage volume than comparable harvesters.
  • Generally more horsepower than comparable harvesters.
  • More horsepower than similar costing tractors.
  • Cheaper daily run cost than similar costing tractors.

Disadvantages Edit

  • More expensive than comparable harvesters.
  • No colour customizing options.
  • No differences in headers. Choose solely for looks.

Available Equipment Edit

Gallery Edit

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