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Your chicken pen. It has 2 coops.

Chicken is the one of three types animal that appear in Farming Simulator 2013. It is a non-labor intensive source of income in the game. A player can buy as many chickens as he likes, and does not need to feed or water the chickens. A chicken cost $40 and requires $0.50 for maintenance per day. The rooster is already bought and visible in the pen at the start of a new game.


Each chicken lays 1 egg per day and all the eggs are dropped evenly throughout the day. They will accumulate in the chicken pen until they are collected or you reach a maximum of 57 uncollected eggs.

Price is the same for all selling locations, though it will vary a little (~0.5%) around a certain value which is cut in half with increased difficulty. On easy difficulty, they sell for around $22, normal for $12 and hard for $6. So break-even point is reached in less than 2 days, 3.5 days and 7 days respectively.

Collecting eggsEdit

Chickens will lay eggs around their pen that is connected to the back of the large barn on your land. To collect the eggs just walk over them; they will be scattered all around, sometimes even on fences. 

Selling EggsEdit

Main article: Prices (Farming Simulator 2013)#Animal_Products

To sell the eggs take them to any egg symbol on the map, such as the one in the town to the north of your farm. The more chickens you own the faster they will produce eggs and reach the uncollected egg limit.

If you want to check how many uncollecteed eggs are in the pen press "i" till you get to the statistics page on your PDA, then press "9" till you get to page 5 / 5 and it will say "Eggs". This is how many eggs are in your pen, if you would like to check how many eggs you are currently holding press "9" again till you are at page 1/5 and at the bottom it will say how many eggs you are holding.

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