This page lists all of the different controls used on the desktop version of Farming Simulator 15. These controls vary based on the type of equipment, the mode, and other factors.

Global ControlsEdit

These controls work in nearly every mode available. Exceptions are noted where applicable.

  • Move camera: Mouse
  • Quicken/slow time: 7 (slow) and 8 (fast)
  • Open shop: P
  • Menu: ESC
  • Toggle lights: F
  • Interact: R
  • Zoom: Scroll wheel
  • Switch to next vehicle: Tab
  • Switch the previous vehicle: Shift + Tab
  • Open finances: Insert
  • Zoom In: Page Up
  • Zoom Out: Page Down
  • Open PDA: I
  • Expand map: 9

First Person ModeEdit

When walking, the following controls may be used:

  • Walk: WASD
  • Look: Mouse
  • Jump: Space
  • Open hand tool: 1, 2, 3 or scroll wheel
  • Flashlight: F
  • Sprint: Shift
  • Crouch: Ctrl

See Also: Chainsaws

Driving VehiclesEdit

When driving any self propelled vehicle, the following controls may be used:

  • Movement and steering: (Forward, Arrow Up), (Back, Arrow Down), (Right, Arrow Right), (Left, Arrow Left)
  • Cruise Control: ( 3 )
  • Lower Cruise Control Speed: 1
  • Raise Cruise Control Speed: 2
  • Refill (when available): R
  • Attach/detach implements: Q
  • Unload tipper: Q
  • Select implement: G
  • Change camera view: C
  • Tool functions: X, V, B, Y, H
  • Home: Beacon Light
  • Horn: 0 (Zero)
  • Signal Lights: keypad 1 (left turn)    keypad 2 (hazard light)   keypad 3 (right turn) Home (beacon)

Front LoadersEdit

In addition to the driving controls, front loaders have some mouse controls available. The actual function of these controls vary based on the implement, but the controls remain the same.

  • Lift/lower arm: - (F1 - Lift), (F5 - Lower)
  • Extend/Contract Arm: - (F2 - Extend), (F6 - Contract)
  • Tilt implement: (F3 - Tilt Up), (F7 - Tilt Down)
  • Open/close: (F4 - Open), (F8 Close)


For equipment such as the Ponsse Buffalo or Stepa FHL 13 AK, there are a series of mouse controls used to operate the arm. Most players will find that these controls are difficult at first, but easy to quickly master.

  • Turn arm: Left mouse button + drag horizontally
  • Lift/lower arm: Left mouse button + drag vertically
  • Extend arm: Right mouse button + drag horizontally
  • Lift/lower arm (second joint): Right mouse button + drag vertically
  • Turn claw: Both mouse buttons + drag horizontally
  • Open/close claw: Both mouse buttons + drag vertically
  • Switch camera view (3rd view available in this mode): C