Xbox gamepad controls.


PC keyboard controls.

These are the default controls for keyboard and mouse:


  • Look around: Mouse
  • Open PDA: I
  • Switch pages in PDA: I
  • Change speed of time: 7 (slower) / 8 (faster)
  • Open shop: P
  • Open Finances: INSERT
  • Menu: ESC
  • Lights on/off: F
  • Interacting: R
  • Zoom in/out: Scroll wheel/+/- numpad
  • Close message: Left click
  • Zoom in/out on PDA-Map: 9
  • Switch between vehicles: TAB

On footEdit

  • Walk: WASD
  • Jump: Space
  • Run: Shift
  • Flashlight: F

In vehicleEdit

  • Movement and steering: WASD
  • Cruise control: 1 (slow speed) / 2 (medium speed) / 3 (full speed) /4 (extra slow speed)[1]
  • Refill implements: R
  • Attach/detach implements: Q
  • Switch between attached implements: G
  • Change camera view: C
  • Hire/dismiss worker: H
  • Beacon: HOME
  • Horn: 0
  • Lower/lift tools: V
  • Move front loader/telescopic loader: J, K, N, M, N-Shift, M-Shift or use mouse
  • Tool functions: X, V, B, Y, O
  • Cutter on/off: J


  • Trade money between players: L
  • Chat: T
  • Multiplayer Menu (Host only): U


  1. You don't need to press the W key when using cruise control levels.

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