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Cow pasture

Cows or cattle are the hardest kind of animals to maintain as they require a far more varied diet than sheep, but their yield is greater. In Farming Simulator 2013 the milk is sold automatically to Supreme Milk at two designated times a day when their milk truck comes by your milk tank to collect your milk. In Farming Simulator 14, you drive a milk trailer to the milk sell point once it is full.

Cost/Maintenance Per CowEdit

The cost of a cow is $2000 and maintenance is $15.

Production ratesEdit

At 100% productivity level, one cow produces 714 litres of milk, 250 litres of slurry and 100 litres of manure per day. To produce such amount of milk and both kinds of manure, the cow needs 100 litres of straw and 330 litres of Mixed Ration. 1,000 litres of milk sell for $1600 on easy, $800 on normal and $400 on hard difficulty levels.

Cow PastureEdit

In Farming Simulator 2013, when you purchase your cows, they will automatically appear in the grassy meadow next to field 35. In Farming Simulator 14, you already have a field with cows that need to be fed to produce anything.


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If you do not feed your cows they will produce a very low (5%) yield. There are a couple different ways you can feed them, such as silage, grass or hay. Feeding them with grass will give you 35% of productivity. Adding straw to the barn  will increase productivity to 44% (the straw alone will put productivity to only 10%). A mix of grass, silage and straw raises the productivity to 80%). For 100% yield, they must be fed with Total Mixed Rations and resupplied with straw which is used for bedding.

Total Mixed RationsEdit

Total Mixed Rations are produced in a mixer wagon such as Kuhn Profile 1880 or Kuhn SPV Confort 12. Mixer wagons take the different feeds (hay, silage and straw), weighs and blends them into a feed that allows your cows optimal production.

When mixing, a graphical display is shown in the top-left corner of the screen displaying the current mix ratio. To get ideal forage, all bars must be within the region marked by arrows.

The mixer wagon can be filled using any front loader and proper attachments like bale fork and silage fork or shovel (either of the latter two only needed if you are not using Kuhn SPV Confort 12).

The ideal ratio for Kuhn Profile 1880 is 1 round or square hay bale (round bales can be made with Krone Comprima V 180 Round Baler), 2 forks of sillage and 1 round or square straw bale. Note that you aren't absolutely required to add the straw bale, it is only used to fill out the remaining free space of the mixer wagon.

The ideal ratio for Kuhn SPV Confort 12 is 1 round or square hay bale and the rest of the wagon is filled with silage either by using the wagon's silage cutter or by manually putting two forks of silage via front loader.

Square bales can be used in preparing Total Mixer Rations too but their capacity is not that handy when it comes to using them in mixer wagons.

Strategy TipsEdit

A full and healthy cow is a milk producing cow.

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