Farming Simulator 2013 Crops

Crops are cultivated plants whose produce is harvested by man at some point in its growth.

These are the crops available in Farming Simulator 2013:

Wheat and Barley also produce straw as a by-product of their harvesting.


Main article: Yield (Farming Simulator 2013)
Crop Litres per hectare
Unfertilized Fertilized
Wheat 12000 24000
Barley 11000 22000
Canola 6000 12000
Corn / Maize 12000 24000
Potato 40000 80000
Sugar Beet 35000 70000
Grass 32000 32000*
Corn chaff 48000 96000
  1. Fertilizing grass fields doesn't affect their yields.

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