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The FSI Power Tech ST 65 T is a Stump Grinder available in Farming Simulator 15. It is designed to destroy the stump left behind after a tree has been cut down. The ST 65 T is the only Stump Grinder available in the base game, and can be crucial for players who wish to focus on Forestry.

Overview Edit

The ST 65 T is the only Stump Grinder available in the base game. This tractor-mounted device has a powerful grinding disc at the end of a hydraulic arm, that can spin up to high speed in order to grind straight through wood. It can chip away at a tree stump until it is all gone.

The ST 65 T has a Three-point hitch at one end, which can be attached to the rear of any tractor in the game. Several tractors also have this type of hitch at the front, and may have an easier time operating the device when attached this way. Note that the ST 65 T has a very unstable weight distribution, which can flip over a smaller tractor. Consider using a Weight to counterbalance the ST 65 T on such a tractor, by mounting the weight on the opposite side.

When the ST 65 T is activated, the grinding head will chip away at any stump it comes in contact with. This applies only to stumps - the machine will not cut nor damage any standing tree. Upon contact, the grinding head will start flinging off splinters of wood, and after a few seconds the stump will become shorter by about 0.5 meters. This process can be repeated, a half meter at a time, until the stump disappears completely.

Note that the grinding head does not automatically maintain contact with the stump as it gets shorter - you may need to move the head yourself to keep it in contact with the stump. For this purpose, the hydraulic arm of the ST 65 T can be moved about with great precision, by holding the appropriate button and moving your controller around.

The store states that this device requires 51 kW / 70 hp to operate. All tractors in the base game can supply this much power.


  • Price: $5,000
  • Maintenance: $10 / day
  • Required power: 51 kW / 70 hp
  • Selling price: $2,500 ($3,000 at shop)
  • Front Hitch: Three-point hitch

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