Fahr M66



See also: Fahr M66

The Fahr M66 combine harvester is the first, basic harvester you start out with. It has a maximum capacity of 1500 litres and only one cutter type with a working width of 3,5 metres. This harvester can be used for threshing wheat, barley or canola.

Tip: It is possible to attach bigger cutters from better harvesters to increase your harvesting efficiency.


Grain tank capacity: 1500 litres

Max. Power: 40 kW / 54 hp

Top Speed: 13 mph / 20 kmh

Maintenance: 190 $ / day

Price: 32,000 $

Sell: 16,000 $

The Fahr M66 is a powerful and robust combine harvester from the 60's.


Header Working width (m) Harvests Price ($)

Fahr M66 Cutter

3.5 Wheat

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