Farming Simulator for the PS3 is one of the Farming Simulator games on the PS systems.

Downloadable ContentEdit





Placeable ObjectsEdit

  • Greenhouse
  • Solar Power Array
  • Wind Power Array


English/European FarmEdit

The european farm is not as big as the American farm, but she is brighter. With smaller feilds and more roads, this farm is recommended for beginners.

American FarmEdit

Differences from other gamesEdit

  • No Forestry harvesting.
  • Unlike the mobile versions, you have to buy your own cows and sheep and chickens.
    • Also, unlike the mobile versions, you can get out of your vehicles.


  • At the start of the game, you have a stash of already stored grain in the silos. Depending on which diffuclty you're playing, you have a lot, some, or a little.
  • You can buy as many cows and sheep as you want.
  • Only plant as much as much as you can harvest.
  • Don't go and buy 10 vehicles right off the bat. There's a thing called "Vehicle running costs". The more vehicles, the more the vehicles will cost you.

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