FS17 Fendt-900Vario
FS17 Fendt

The Fendt 900 Vario is a Tractor available in Farming Simulator 17. It is a mid-large tractor, capable of using heavy implements and towing loaded tippers. The 900 Vario combines high speed, a strong engine, great upgrades, and even Reverse Drive Control, making it a fan-favorite large tractor for all manners of work.

Advantages Edit

  • Fast: The 900 Vario is the largest and strongest tractor capable of reaching 62 km/h / 39 mph. This puts it at a great advantage over large and super-large tractors, many of whom can't even reach 43 km/h / 26 mph.
  • Reverse Drive Control: The 900 Vario is the only tractor not manufactured by Valtra that is fitted with Reverse Drive Control, a feature which enables it to switch its driving direction - and then go as fast in reverse as it would forwards.
  • Fast Reverse: Even without Reverse Drive Control activated, the 900 Vario has an impressive top speed when driving backwards.
  • Powerful Engine Upgrades: The 900 Vario can be upgraded all the way to 390 horsepower, just below the required strength to be classified as a super-large tractors. This means it can operate a super-heavy Plow (albeit with some difficulty), and pull loads almost as well as a Lizard SX 210 Twinstar Semi-Trailer.
  • Low Maintenance: Compared to other tractors of its size and horsepower, the Vario 900's maintenance cost is rather low - even after upgrading its engine.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Expensive: The 900 Vario is quite expensive relative to its horsepower, and so are its engine upgrades. You can get a tractors of similar horsepower for many thousands of dollars less - but none are as fast as the 900 Vario.

Customization Edit

Engine Setup Edit

  • 930 Vario: No change to engine power.
  • 936 Vario (+$30,000 and +$60/d): Increases engine power output to 265 kW / 360 hp, increasing the load this tractor can tow comfortably.
  • 939 Vario (+$45,000 and +$90/d): Increases engine power output to 287 kW / 390 hp, making it one of the stronger large-size tractors.

Main Color Edit

Default color

Wheel Setup Edit

  • Standard: A set of basic wheels.
  • Wheel Weights (+$1,800): Attaches heavy weights to the rims of the tractor's rear wheels. Acts as a built-in Weight.
  • Wide Tires (+$2,800): Slightly wider tires give a bit of extra stability.
  • Twin Wheels (+$6,000): Adds one additional basic wheel on the outside of each exiting wheel, giving the tractor a total of 8 wheels. This significantly increases the tractor's stability, reducing the chance of tipping over during sharp turns.

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