Field auctions are timed events that generally allow the player to acquire certain field with a discount. As long as the player has not bought out every single field on their current map, there is a chance that an auction for one of the unsold fields will start. Auctions start at 8 AM (08:00) and end at 10 PM (22:00) and the game AI will be you competitor in auction and it will try to outbid you every few hours until the auction closes. Losing or ignoring the field auction does not result in the field in question becoming unavaible for later purchase at the usual market price.

Note: The field that is currently being sold on auction is marked with its number blinking on your minimap.

Bidding Rules and TacticsEdit


To make a bid you have to visit a special icon located at the middle of the field being sold.

If you want to acquire fields at the lowest price it is recommended to wait out until the very end of the auction and make your first and the only bid few minutes before the auction closes at 10 PM (22:00), so the AI competitor will not have any time to outbid you and raise the price of the field. This way allows you to purchase the field at a nearly 50% discount.

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