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The Fliegl Dolly EA is a Dolly available in Farming Simulator 15. It is an adapter that allows connecting a vehicle with a Drawbar (Ball) attachment in the rear, to a trailer with a Fifth Wheel attachment at the front.

Overview Edit

The Dolly EA is a type of Dolly - a wheeled adapter for semi-trailers. It is the only Dolly available in the base game.

The Dolly EA serves to allow connecting a variety of Tractors, none of which have a Fifth Wheel hitch, to certain semi-trailers that only have such a hitch. In the base game, they are the Fliegl ASS 298, Krampe SB 30 / 60, Fliegl TimberRunner, Fliegl STF 25000 VC, Kotte TSA30000 and the Fliegl Low Loader

To connect the Dolly EA, first attach it to the back of the tractor. Every tractor in the base game has a Drawbar (Ball) hitch, so any of them may connect to the Dolly EA. The Lizard PiQup, and most Harvesters in the base game, also have a similar Drawbar (Ball) attachment that is used in the same way.

Once that is done, back the Dolly up into the semi-trailer you wish to tow, and attach it. Note that the Dolly EA has to slide about halfway under the semi-trailer in order to get the option to "Attach".

The downside to attaching semi-trailers this way is that the resulting three-piece vehicle has two pivot points: one between the tractor and the dolly, and one between the dolly and the semi-trailer. This can make reverse driving very difficult - significantly more difficult than a Truck directly attached to the semi-trailer. Keep this in mind.

The primary advantage to attaching a tractor instead of a truck is that the largest tractors in the game have far more horse-power than the largest truck (the MAN TGS 18.440, in the base game), so they can more easily pull a fully loaded semi-trailer up steep slopes. However again, remember that any backing-up maneuvers may become more difficult as described above.

Specification Edit

  • Price: $8,900
  • Maintenance: $10 / day
  • Selling price: $4,450 ($5,340 at shop)

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