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The Fliegl Low Loader is a trailer available in Farming Simulator 15. It is designed to carry vehicles or equipment, and has a pair of extending ramps to allow vehicles to board it easily.

The Low Loader is not technically required for farming. One advantage to using the Low Loader is that you can move vehicles from one place to another faster than driving them on their own. For example: the DLC JCB 260 ("skid-steer") has a top speed of 20 km/h. The Low Loader can be pulled at 40 km/h and faster, and the JCB 260 neatly fits on the low or raised portion of the platform.

Overview Edit

The Low Loader is a vehicle transportation platform. Physically, it is little more than a platform on wheels. The front 1/3 of the platform is slightly raised, while at the back it has two hinged ramps that can be lowered or raised at will.

Underneath the raised platform is a Fifth Wheel hitch, which is designed to be attached to a Truck. It is also possible to tow the Low Loader with a Tractor, by using a Dolly as an adapter. Note however that this may make driving more difficult, particularly in reverse.

To load vehicles onto the Low Loader, you must first lower the ramps at the back. The vehicle can now drive up the ramps, and stop on the platform. You'll need to be very careful while doing this, to avoid slipping off the ramps or the platform.

There is room on the platform for 3 of the smallest tractors (e.g. New Holland T4.75 or similar), two mid-sized tractors (e.g. Deutz-Fahr 7250 TTV or similar), or one large tractor (e.g. Case IH Magnum 380 or similar). Very Large tractors can also fit on this platform, but may have trouble getting on. Similarly, you can transport pretty much any other vehicle that can drive up the ramp.

While driving the Low Loader around, remember that the vehicle on top of it is not secured, and can potentially fall off. Knocking a vehicle off the Low Loader is easier said than done, since vehicles are very heavy and tend to want to stay on the platform. Nonetheless, reckless driving (especially sudden stops) can cause the cargo to fly off.

Finally, note that the Low Loader can be used for transporting anything solid - including Pallets, Bales and even logs. (Note, when the ramps are in the "up" or vertical position, the game does not model the gap between each ramp as "open" space - it is unrealistically solid. Logs placed lengthwise on this trailer will appear to hover between the ramps when the ramps are up.) See Bale Trailers for more information.

Specifications Edit

  • Price: $14,000
  • Maintenance: $10 / day
  • Selling price: $7,000 ($8,400 at shop)
  • Front Hitch: Fifth Wheel

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