A Forage Header is a type of Header designed to extract special materials from certain types of Crops. Forage Headers can only be installed on Forage Harvesters (with the exception of one model).

There are 12 models of Forage Headers in Farming Simulator 17. These are split into four different groups. Each group of Forage Headers can only cut specific types of Crops, and produces a different material from it. Most Forage Headers extract Chaff from different crops, particularly from Corn. Some of the Chaff headers can also mow fresh Grass. A few Forage Headers specialize in collecting Grass and Hay from Piles on the ground. One model of Forage Header is used to harvest Poplars, and is the only tool in the game that is capable of doing so.

Contrary to the information found at the Store, any Forage Header can be connected to any Forage Harvester. Nonetheless, some Forage Harvesters will have some trouble operating certain models of Forage Headers.

In addition to the twelve "normal" Forage Header models, the game provides one Tractor-mounted Header (for cutting Chaff from Corn). This header includes an off-loading pipe as well, which essentially turns any Tractor into a Forage Harvester.

List of Forage Headers Edit

Below is a list of all Forage Headers available in Farming Simulator 17. The models in this list can all be found in the "Forage Harvester Headers" category of the Store. Additionally, one special model (listed separately below) can be found in the "Forage Harvesters" category.

Name Price Maint. cost
per day
Type Working
Width (m)
Max Work Speed
Consumption (hp)
FS17 Rostselmash-ForUp370
Rostselmash For Up 370
11,000 30 Pickup 3.1 20 68
FS17 Krone-EasyFlow300S
Krone EasyFlow 300 S
13,000 30 Pickup 3.1 20 68
FS17 NewHolland-300FP
New Holland 300FP
14,000 30 Pickup 3.0 20 68
FS17 Rostselmash-500D
Rostselmash 500D
21,000 20 Universal Cutter 5.0 15 122
FS17 Capello-Spartan610
Capello Spartan 610
25,000 20 Universal Cutter 6.1 15 135
FS17 NewHolland-600FDR
New Holland 600FDR
26,000 20 Universal Cutter 5.9 15 135
FS17 Krone-XDisc620
Krone XDisc 620
28,000 20 Universal Cutter 6.2 15 135
FS17 Rostselmash-600R
Rostselmash 600R
27,000 20 Corn Chaff 5.7 10 135
FS17 Krone-EasyCollect6002
Krone EasyCollect 600-2
28,000 20 Corn Chaff 6.1 10 135
FS17 Kemper-390Plus
Kemper 390 Plus
38,000 20 Corn Chaff 9.0 10 135
FS17 NewHolland-900SFI
New Holland 900SFI
38,000 20 Corn Chaff 9.0 10 203
FS17 NewHolland-130FB
New Holland 130FB
25,000 60 Poplar 2.0 8 68

Additionally, the game offers one unique type of Forage Header that can only be mounted on a Tractor. It is found in the "Forage Harvesters" category at the store. It is a Corn Chaff Header that has its own outflow pipe. When installed on a Tractor, it effectively turns that tractor into a Forage Harvester.

Name Price Maint. cost
per day
Type Working
Width (m)
Max Work Speed
Consumption (hp)
FS17 Poettinger-MEX5
Pöttinger MEX 5
38,000 20 Corn Chaff 2.2 10 88

Forage Header Types Edit

Corn Chaff Headers Edit

FS17 NewHolland-900SFI

The New Holland 900SFI is the largest Corn Chaff Header.

Main article: Corn Chaff Headers
Input Material: Corn
Output Material: Chaff

When using a Corn Chaff Header, the Forage Harvester can process Corn into Chaff. This material cannot be sold, but can be dumped into a Silage Bunker, compressed, and allowed to ferment in order to produce Silage - a very profitable material.

Corn is the best source for Chaff, yielding approximately 71,500 Liters of Chaff per Hectare of Corn. Proper Plowing and Fertilization will increase this yield up to 100% extra Chaff - as it does for all types of harvest. A hectare of Corn produces far more Chaff than a hectare of any other crop. However, if you have any need to produce Chaff from other crop types, check out the Universal Cutters (see below).

Corn Chaff Headers are the widest Forage Headers in the game, and can process a field very quickly. Make sure to have a large container (a Tipper or Loading Wagon) to service the Forage Harvester as it works, otherwise you will run out of space constantly.

When Chaffing a field of Corn, you do not need to wait until the corn is ripe. You can harvest the field when it is at the last stage of growth, with no penalty to the amount of Chaff collected.

Universal Cutters Edit

FS17 Krone-XDisc620

The Krone XDisc 620 is the largest Universal Cutter.

Main article: Universal Cutters
Input Material: Wheat, Barley, Canola, Soybeans
Output Material: Chaff
Input Material: Growing Grass
Output Material: Loose Grass

Universal Cutters can perform two completely different functions: They can produce Chaff from a field of basic Crops, or mow fresh Grass off a field or meadow. The function performed by the Cutter depends mostly on the type of Crop you use it on.

The first function of a Universal Cutter is to produce Chaff by harvesting fields of Wheat, Barley, Canola or Soybeans. This is a very inefficient way to get Chaff. The amount of Chaff yielded from these crops is extremely low compared to Corn Chaffing (see above) - producing between 20% and 50% as much Chaff per hectare compared to Corn. Nonetheless, if you have an immediate need for Chaff and don't have any Corn ready, you can use a Universal Cutter to destroy one of your other fields and get at least some Chaff in return. Like Corn Chaff Headers, Universal Cutters can cut a field when it is in the last stage of growing - it does not need to be ripe, and there is no benefit in waiting until it is ripe.

The second function of a Universal Cutter is to mow fresh Grass, much like a Mower. However because a Universal Cutter is installed on a Forage Harvester, it also automatically collects any Grass it cuts. This makes it equivalent to a Tractor using a Mower at the front and a Loading Wagon behind.

Pickup Headers Edit

FS17 Rostselmash-ForUp370

The Rostselmash For Up 370 is the Cheapest Pickup Header.

Main article: Pickup Headers
Input Material: Grass or Hay Piles
Output Material: Grass or Hay

A Pickup Header is a simple header whose only purpose is to pick up Grass or Hay that have been left on the ground in Piles by other machines. In this sense, they work in exactly the same way as a Loading Wagon.

The only real benefit to using a Pickup Header instead of a Loading Wagon is when you don't have (and can't afford) a Loading Wagon, but do have a Tipper. Attach the Pickup Header to the front of your Forage Harvester, and the Tipper to the back, and you're ready to go.

Poplar Headers Edit

FS17 NewHolland-130FB

The New Holland 130FB is the only Poplar Header available in the base game.

Main article: Poplar Headers
Input Material: Poplars
Output Material: Wood Chips

A Poplar Header is the only tool in the game that is capable of harvesting Poplars. As it harvests these small trees, it produces Wood Chips, which can be sold at the local Sawmill for a very high profit per hectare.

Unfortunately, as with everything else to do with Poplars, Poplar Headers are very slow and very narrow. They will take a very long time to process even a single hectare of Poplars. Hired Workers may also struggle when using a Poplar Header, so you might want to keep a close eye on them. The profits, however, are generally worth the hassle.

Note that unlike other Forage Headers, a Poplar Header can only be used once the poplars have ripened. It will not interact with a growing field, at any stage of growth.

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