A Front-Loading Tool is a piece of equipment for Front Loaders, which they need in order to do any Front-Loading Work. There is a very large variety of Front-Loading Tools available in the game, and each is designed for a particular job. A Front Loader can switch between tools whenever it needs to do a different job.

Each Front Loader Tool can fit only on one type of Front Loader - a Telehandler, a Wheel Loader, a Skid Steer, or a Front-Loading Tractor). It will not normally fit on other types. Some types of Front Loaders have access to tools of all types, while others can only fit a limited variety of tools.

Once fitted to a Front Loader, the tool can be raised, lowered, or rotated using the Front Loader's hydraulic controls. Some tools can be opened and closed to perform special functions.

Front Loading Tools are generally cheap, and have barely any maintenance. Some tools can be repainted.

List of Front Loading Tools Edit

Below are lists of all Front-Loading Tools available in Farming Simulator 17. They are divided into five separate lists, based on which category of the store they are found in, and which Front Loaders they can be attached to.

Front Loading Tractor Tools Edit

Store category: "Front Loaders"
Attaches to: Front Loading Arms (fitted on Tractors), or a Kramer KL30.8T
Common Features: $5 Maintenance Cost per Day, full Color Customization

Name Price Tool Type Capacity Weight
FS17 Stoll-UniversalBucket
Stoll Universal Bucket
1,400 Bucket 1,860 403
FS17 Stoll-PalletFork
Stoll Pallet Fork
800 Pallet Fork -- 189
FS17 Stoll-BaleSpike
Stoll Bale Spike
600 Bale Fork -- 95
FS17 Stoll-RollTypeBaleFork
Stoll Roll-Type Bale Fork
1,100 Bale Handler -- 211
FS17 Stoll-WrappedBaleHandler
Stoll Wrapped Bale Handler
1,700 Bale Handler -- 285
FS17 Stoll-ManureFork
Stoll Manure Fork
1,000 Manure Fork 1,280 206
FS17 Stoll-ForkWithGrapple
Stoll Fork With Grapple
2,100 Manure Fork 1540 418
FS17 Stoll-SilageCutter
Stoll Silage Cutter
3,900 Manure Fork 1,540 706
FS17 Stoll-LogFork
Stoll Log Fork
800 Log Fork -- 597

Wheel Loader Tools Edit

Store category: "Wheel Loaders"
Attaches to: Wheel Loaders
Common Features: $5 Maintenance Cost per Day

Name Price Tool Type Capacity Weight
FS17 Magsi-UniversalShovel
Magsi Universal Shovel
3,600 Bucket 6,000 247
FS17 Magsi-PalletForkWheelLoaders
Magsi Wheel Loader Pallet Fork
1,900 Pallet Fork -- 398
FS17 Magsi-LogForkWheelLoaders
Magsi Wheel Loader Log Fork
3,800 Log Fork -- 671
FS17 Lizard-SilageFork
Lizard Silage Fork
4,100 Manure Fork 10,000 401

Skid Steer Loader Tools Edit

Store category: "Skid Steer Loaders"
Attaches to: Skid Steer Loaders

Name Price Maint. Cost
per Day
Tool Type Capacity Weight
FS17 JCB-UniversalShovel
JCB Universal Shovel
800 5 Bucket 2,000 334
FS17 JCB-PalletFork
JCB Pallet Fork
700 5 Pallet Fork -- 267
FS17 JCB-BaleFork
JCB Bale Fork
600 5 Bale Fork -- 109
FS17 JCB-ManureFork
JCB Manure Fork
1,800 5 Manure Fork 1,700 340
FS17 JCB-LogFork
JCB Log Fork
1,200 5 Log Fork -- 1,159
FS17 JCB-StumpCutter
JCB Stump Cutter
4,500 5 Stump Cutter -- 221
1,400 5 Log Fork -- 523
FS17 DFM-RT3000
DFM RT3000
9,400 10 Tree Cutter -- 447
12,000 10 Tree Cutter -- 695

Telehandler Tools Edit

Store category: "Telehandlers"
Attaches to: Telehandlers
Common Features: $5 Maintenance Cost per Day

Name Price Tool Type Capacity Weight
FS17 Magsi-Shovel
Magsi Shovel
2,800 Bucket 4,500 597
FS17 Magsi-PalletForkTelehandlers
Magsi Telehandler Pallet Fork
1,200 Pallet Fork -- 173
FS17 Magsi-BaleFork
Magsi Bale Fork
1,100 Bale Fork -- 168
FS17 Magsi-WrappedBaleHandler
Magsi Wrapped Bale Handler
3,300 Bale Handler -- 297
FS17 Magsi-ManureFork
Magsi Manure Fork
2,900 Manure Fork 3,500 485
FS17 Magsi-LogForkTelehandlers
Magsi Telehandler Log Fork
3,400 Log Fork -- 495

Levelers Edit

Store Category: "Levelers"

Only one type of Leveler can be attached to a Front Loader (and only to a Wheel Loader). The tool must be manually modified in order to attach to a Wheel Loader.

Name Price Tool Type Capacity Weight
FS17 Holaras-MES400
Holaras MES 400
6,800 Leveler 6,000 1,293

List of Front Loading Tool Types Edit

Below is a list of all types of Front Loading Tools, with a brief explanation of their function and a link to articles discussing them in more detail.

  • Buckets: Can pick up loose material from any Pile, and dump it anywhere (or into any receptacle).
  • Pallet Forks: Can slide into a Pallet for easy lifting.
  • Bale Forks: Various tools for lifting Bales.
  • Bale Handlers: A grabbing tool that opens and closes horizontally. Best for picking up Round Bales.
  • Manure Forks: Similar to Buckets, but can only pick up certain materials. Some have a jaw to stop materials from spilling out.
  • Log Forks: A large pincer for picking up Logs.
  • Levelers: Can push and reshape Piles, particularly for making them flat. Can't lift any materials.
  • Stump Cutters: Used to remove Stumps left over after a tree is cut down.
  • Tree Cutters: A horizontal saw for cutting down Trees.

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