Greenhouse (herbs) (Farming Simulator 2013)



You have to manually resupply this greenhouse with water and manure in order to generate maximum income. The Mobile water tank, any front loader and a manure spreader (for carrying big amounts of manure if your greenhouses are too far away from the cow meadow) are required to do the job.


Maintenance: 10 $ / day

Max. income (Easy / Normal / Hard): 160 / 80 / 40 $ per hour

Time until full investment return (Easy / Normal / Hard): 6.5 / 13 / 26 days

Price: 25,000 $

Sell: 12,500 $

With this greenhouse you can cultivate herbs. To ensure that your herbs are flourishing you need to provide them with fresh water and manure as a fertilizer. This greenhouse can be freely placed on the map.

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