FS17 Grimme-Rootster604
FS17 Grimme

The Grimme Rootster 604 is a type of Sugar Beet Harvester Trailer in Farming Simulator 17. It is the only stand-alone Harvester Trailer in the game, but has direct competition with the Holmer Exxact Terra Dos T4-40, a type of Sugar Beet Combine Harvester. Of these two, the Rootster 604 is far cheaper, but also significantly narrower. The Rootster 604 can be coupled with the Grimme FT 300 to perform both Sugar Beet harvesting tasks simultaneously.

Advantages Edit

  • Cheap: The Rootster 604 costs $88,000, which is not a small sum. However, compare this with the Holmer Exxact Terra Dos T4-40, which costs $495,000. Of course, if you want to perform all functions of the Terra Dos T4-40, you must purchase the Rootster 604 together with a Grimme FT 300 for an extra $17,000, as well as a suitable Tractor to pull both machines (assuming you don't already own one).

Disadvantages Edit

  • Harvesting Only: The Rootster 604's only function is to collect Sugar Beets from the field crop. It can only do so once the haulms have been removed, and for that you need a Grimme FT 300. Fortunately, you can attach both of these tools together to a single Tractor, cutting the haulms and collecting the beets in a single go.
  • Narrow: The Rootster 604 has a Working Width of 2.9 meters, which is 1.1 meters less than the Holmer Exxact HR 9 combine harvester header. The Rootster 604 will therefore complete the same harvest nearly 30% slower than a Sugar Beet Combine Harvester.
  • Very Small Crop Capacity: The holding tank of a Rootster 604 can only collect 6,000 Liters of Sugar Beets before it needs to be emptied - 7.5 times less than the holding tank of a Holmer Exxact Terra Dos T4-40. Given the massively high yields from Sugar Beet harvests, the Rootster 604 can only harvest about 1/10 of a hectare before it becomes full, and therefore needs to be emptied very frequently. Instead of using a Tipper to unload this machine, consider dumping the contents directly on the field and using a Holmer Exxact Terra Felis 2 eco to pick up the Sugar Beets later.
  • Slower: The Rootster 604 can reach a maximum working speed of only 10 km/h / 6 mph. It is therefore 20% slower than the Holmer Exxact HR 9, which can reach 12 km/h / 7 mph. This affects the speed at which it can complete a given harvest. Note that when used together with a Grimme FT 300, it is the Rootster 604 that imposes its speed limit, since it is slower.

Specifications Edit

  • Price: $88,000
  • Maintenance Cost: $90 / day
  • Leasing Costs: $1,760 + $4,400/h + $880/d
  • Crop Types: Sugar Beet
  • Crop Capacity: 6,000 Liters
  • Power Consumption: 40 kW / 54 hp
  • Max. Working Speed: 10 km/h / 6 mph
  • Attachment: Drawbar (Ball)
  • Working Width: 2.9m
  • Mass: 8,877 kg

Gallery Edit

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