Grimme Tectron 415



See also: Grimme Tectron 415

This machine comes with a built-in cutter so you don't need to buy anything else for the harvester to be usable. Defoliating before harvests with the Grimme KS 75-4 is no longer required for this harvester.


Tank capacity: 20,000 litres

Max. power: 365.390 kW / 490 hp

Maintenance: 570 $ / day

Usage: Harvesting potatoes

Price: 479,990 $

Sell: 239,995 $

With the introduction of the TECTRON 415 a new performance class of potato harvesting has been defined. 4 row inline harvesting, careful sieving throughout the entire machine width and excellent ground protection are still the core features of the TECTRON.

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