FS17 Huerlimann-H488
FS17 Huerlimann

The Hürlimann H 488 is a Tractor available in Farming Simulator 17. It is the cheapest tractor in the game. It's not suitable for heavy work, and costs a relatively hefty sum to maintain.

Advantages Edit

  • Cheap: The H 488 is the cheapest tractor in the game.
  • Maximum Speed: The H 488 is the smallest tractor that can reach 42 kmh / 26 mph, and is almost half as expensive to buy than the next tractor that can do so (the Steyr Multi).

Disadvantages Edit

  • No Front Loading: The H 488 cannot take any Front Loading Arm attachment.
  • High Maintenance: The H 448 cost almost twice as much to maintain per day than other tractors of its size.
  • Underpowered: The H 488 will struggle to operate any implement larger than the cheapest and most basic equipment, and cannot tow heavy tippers. It may even struggle to tow light tippers that are fully loaded. It has no engine upgrade available to mitigate this.

Customization Edit

Wheel Setup Edit

  • Standard (+$0): Standard-width wheels.
  • Narrow Wheels (+$400): A narrower and lighter set of wheels. Makes the vehicle lighter overall, but also more prone to tipping over.


  • Price: $45,000
  • Maintenance Cost: $210 / day
  • Leasing Costs: $900 + $2,250/h + $450/d
  • Engine Power: 60 kW / 88 hp
  • Max. Speed: 42 km/h / 26 mph
  • Max. Reverse Speed: 14 km/h / 9 mph
  • Fuel Capacity: 100 L
  • Front Attachments: Three-point hitch
  • Rear Attachments: Three-point hitch, Drawbar (Ball), Drawbar (Bolt)
  • Mass: 3,735 kg

Gallery Edit

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