FS17 Holaras-MES400
FS17 Holaras

The Holaras MES 400 is a Leveler available in Farming Simulator 17. Although it is the smaller Leveler model available in the game, it is the only one that can be attached to Wheel Loaders, which are excellent at using it. This requires modifying the MES 400 during purchase or at a Workshop.

Advantages Edit

  • Optional Attachment Point: The MES 400 can be customized to have either a Three-point hitch or a Wheel Loader attachment point (but not both). It is the only Leveler in the base game that can be attached to Wheel Loaders.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Cannot Lift Materials: Like all other Levelers, the MES 400 cannot actually lift materials off the ground - it can only shovel them around. Any attempt to lift materials will cause them to spill out immediately.
  • Smaller Capacity: The MES 400 is the smallest of the two Levelers available in the base game, capable of shoveling up to 6,000 Liters only.
  • Narrower: When unfolded, the MES 400 is narrower than the Holaras MES 500 by about 15%.

Customization Edit

Attacher Type Edit

Specifications Edit

  • Price: $6,800
  • Maintenance Cost: $10 / day
  • Leasing Costs: $136 + $340/h + $68/d
  • Cargo Types: Any loose material (full list here).
  • Capacity: 6,000 L
  • Tool Attachment Type: Three-point hitch or Wheel Loader (see above)
  • Working Width: 5m
  • Mass: 1293 kg

Gallery Edit

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