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The Horsch Tiger 10 LT is a large Cultivator available in Farming Simulator 15. Although not the largest of all Cultivators, it is by far the heaviest, and requires nothing less than a massive tractor to operate.


The Tiger 10 LT is the second-largest Cultivator in the game, and by far the heaviest.

The Tiger 10 LT is an array of metal blades, wheels and spikes, suspended under a metal frame. It also has a massive row of wheels to support the contraption, both during transport and during work. The entire device can fold into an easy-to-transport configuration. When this device is unfolded, lowered, and towed across a field, it will churn and smooth the soil it passes over, leaving it suitable for seeding.

The Tiger 10 LT has a Drawbar (Ball) hitch at the front, which can be attached to any tractor in the game, as well as the Lizard PiQup and even most Harvesters. It can even be operated by any of these vehicles, as long as the vehicle is strong enough to pull the device (see below).

When attached this way and lowered, the Tiger 10 LT will plow any soil it passes over. It will destroy crops as it passes, no matter what growth stage they are in. It does not remove any fertilizer that may still be in the ground. The cultivated ground may then be seeded with any crop.

The Tiger 10 LT does not need any power to operate, even though the shop claims that it requires 294 kW / 400 hp. Since it does not actually require power input, it can be operated even when towed by a Harvester. However, these numbers can be seen as a suggested power rating for its towing vehicle, because the Tiger 10 LT is one of the heaviest tools in the game, and certainly the heaviest Cultivator. It is simply too heavy to be operated by anything smaller than a large, powerful tractor (such as the Case IH Magnum 380, or larger), once its blades dig into the ground. Even one of the more massive tractors may occasionally slip sideways if not weighted down.

While working, the Tiger 10 LT enforces a speed limit of 20 km/h, which is slightly slower than both the next smaller Cultivator (the Vaderstad Carrier 820) and the next larger Cultivator (the Lemken Helidor Gigant). Nonetheless, if you can provide the Tiger 10 LT with a powerful enough tractor, it can get a lot of work done very rapidly, thanks to its massive working width of 10.0 meters.


  • Price: $69,000
  • Maintenance: $20 / day
  • Working width: 10.0m
  • Required power: 294 kW / 400 hp
  • Max speed (work mode): 20 km/h / 12 mph
  • Selling price: $34,500 ($41,400 at shop)
  • Front Hitch: Drawbar (Ball)

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