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The Horsch Titan 34UW is an Auger Wagon available in Farming Simulator 15. This device functions much like a Tipper, capable of collecting Wheat, Barley, Canola, Corn and Chaff directly from Harvesters. However, instead of tipping itself to unload its cargo, the Titan 34UW can only pump its cargo up through a pipe and out to another cargo-carrying device.

Overview Edit

The Titan 34UW is a cargo-carrying device that can only unload itself into other cargo-carrying devices. Its purpose is to empty out Harvesters as they work on the field, and then unload itself into a larger Tipper or similar machine.

The Titan 34UW is a large open-topped box, resting on a pair of wheels. A pipe system runs from the bottom of the device up the front side, and can thus eject the Titan's cargo into any other container. The pipe can be collapsed and extended as necessary.

The front of the Titan 34UW has a Drawbar (Ball) hitch, and can be attached behind any tractor in the game. It can also be attached behind a Lizard PiQup, and even most Harvesters. Any vehicle that can tow the Titan 34UW can also operate it. Due to the weight of the device, especially when full, consider towing it with a tractor that has at least 200 hp.

The Titan 34UW can carry up to 34,000 liters of Wheat, Barley, Canola, Corn, or Chaff. It cannot carry any other type of cargo. Cargo is normally pumped into the Titan 34UW directly from a Harvester, just as would happen with any Tippers: Simply extend the Harvester's pipe, and drive the Titan 34UW under it.

The Titan 34UW is not a Tipper, and cannot dump its cargo like Tippers do. Instead, it must pump its cargo out into another container, usu. a Tipper. To do so, extend the Titan's pipe, and drive a Tipper under it. Cargo will automatically be dumped from the Titan 34UW into the Tipper. The Titan 34UW should be able to work with any Tipper in the base game, though working with the larger tippers may require some tight maneuvering.

Note that the Titan 34UW does not have any way to sell its cargo or dump it into an unloading point. It can only dump its cargo into another machine.


  • Price: $79,000
  • Maintenance: $80 / day
  • Capacity: 34,000 L
  • Selling price: $39,500 ($47,400 at shop)
  • Front Hitch: Drawbar (Ball)

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