FS17 JCB-Fastrac8000

JCB is a licensed brand returning in Farming Simulator 17. With 12 pieces of equipment in the game, JCB is one of the smaller brands in the game, focusing more on moving equipment rather than farming. JCB has 2 tractors, 2 skid steers, a telehandler, a wheel loader and 6 attachments included in the base game.

Advantages Edit

  • JCB tractors have high speed and horsepower, making them useful for pulling other equipment around the map

Disadvantages Edit

  • Very little customization options

Available Equipment Edit


  • JCB skid steers are called "robot" skid steers due to the one arm instead of two. This lowers the lifting power of the equipment but enables the user to exit while the bucket is raised.

Gallery Edit

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