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The Kotte TSA 30000 is a Slurry Tanker available in Farming Simulator 15. Its only purpose is to transport Slurry from one of the stationary tanks to a Slurry Field Tank. This facilitates storing Slurry out on the field, so that Slurry Spreaders can refill without having to cross the map every time they run dry. The TSA 30000 is the only device in the base game that can do this.

Overview Edit

The TSA 30000 is simple a Slurry Tanker that is designed to transport Slurry around the map.

Slurry is a fertilizer created as a byproduct or Cow husbandry, or as a byproduct of Silage production. It accumulates in special tanks at the Cow Pasture and Biogas Plant, respectively. In order to avoid having to drive Slurry Spreaders back to these stationary tanks each time they need to be refilled, the TSA 30000 (together with the Kotte FRC) can be used to refill them near the field.

The TSA 30000 has a capacity of 30,000 liters of Slurry. It can be refilled at any Slurry tank. To do this, drive up to the tank and press the appropriate button. Refilling will stop automatically once the TSA 30000 is full, or when you drive it away from the tank. You can also press the button again to stop filling.

The TSA 30000 cannot be used as a refilling point for other vehicles, but can dump its Slurry into a Kotte FRC field tank. This is done by driving up next to the tank, and hitting the Overload button. Overloading will stop automatically if the field tank is full, or if you drive the TSA 30000 away from the field tank. You can also stop overloading by hitting the button again. Any Slurry Spreader can then fill up from the Kotte FRC. The TSA 30000 can also fill itself back up from the FRC, if necessary.

The TSA 30000 has a Fifth Wheel attachment at the front. This can only be directly attached to a Truck. Alternatively, you can use a Dolly as an adapter, to attach it to any tractor in the game, as well as the Lizard PiQup and most of the Harvesters.

Although the store claims that the TSA 30000 requires 160 kW / 230 hp, this number is misleading. In fact, when the tank is full with Slurry, vehicles with less than 300 hp will struggle to pull it around, especially uphill. It's recommended to use either a truck or a very large tractor to pull this heavy tank.


  • Price: $75,000
  • Maintenance: $45 / day
  • Capacity: 30,000 L
  • Required power: 169 kW / 230 hp
  • Selling price: $37,500 ($45,000 at shop)
  • Mass: 8,720(empty) 22,220(full) kg / 19,225(empty) 48,990(full) lbs
  • Front Hitch: Fifth Wheel

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