Kröger Agroliner HKD 302



See also: Kröger Agroliner HKD 302

Agroliner HKD 302 is a tipper trailer from the Agroliner line by Kröger. This is the biggest tipper that can be attached to various non-tractor vehicles like the Krone Big X 1000 Forage Harvester or Pöttinger Mex 6. Multiple trailers of this model can also be interconnected for time and fuel saving purposes when transporting large amounts of product. The number of trailers in your road train is only limited by your tractor's power output.


Loading volume: 21000 litres

Maintenance: 20 $ / day

Usage: Transporting wheat, barley, canola, corn, chaff, potatoes or sugar beet

Price: 24,890 $

Sell: 12,445 $

The measure of things! Our top-seller sets standards in its class!

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