Kröger Agroliner SRB3-35



See also: Kröger Agroliner SRB3-35

This is currently the biggest tipper in the game. You will also need to buy SIGA Uno or SIGA Duo to be able to pull this tipper with your tractors. This tipper can also be pulled by the Lizard Truck from the Titanium Add-on.

Tip: Any 100+ kW tractor equipped with a front weight will be able to pull this tipper at full speed, despite the store description.

Note: In Farming Simulator 14, the trailer comes with the Lizard Truck and cannot be detached.


Loading volume: 61000 litres

Maintenance: 80 $ / day

Usage: Transporting wheat, barley, canola, corn, chaff, potatoes or sugar beets

Price: 48,780 $

Sell: 24,390 $

Semitrailer featuring a fast conveyor driven discharge system.

Note: A SIGA Uno or SIGA Duo is required to attach the semitraier to a powerfull tractor (250 hp and up, with heavy front weight).

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