Krampe Big Body 900 S


Krampe Big Body 900 S

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The Krampe Big Body 900 S is a Tipper available in Farming Simulator 15. It is the largest Universal Tipper in the game that can be connected directly to a tractor, the largest to have side-unloading doors, and the largest to have a hitch for an additional trailer behind it. It is designed to ferry large quantities of cargo in bulk, but can also be used to offload Harvesters.


The Krampe Big Body 900 S is a fairly-large universal Tipper. It is designed to carry Crop yields and other materials from place to place, and to dump said materials into stationary receptacles when needed. It suitable for unloading Harvesters, but can also serve to ferry cargo in bulk from location to location.

The Big Body is a universal Tipper, which means it can carry any of the following: Wheat, Barley, Canola, Corn, Sugar Beet, Potato, Chaff, Silage and Wood Chips.

The capacity of the Big Body is 46,900 liters. It can reliably empty any Harvester in the game in one go. The Big Body is fairly heavy, especially when fully loaded, so it may require a fairly strong tractor to pull it along (especially up steep slopes).

The Big Body is the largest universal Tipper in the base game that has a Drawbar (Ball) at the front - meaning that it can be directly attached to any tractor in the game, behind most Harvesters, and even the Lizard PiQup. However, it cannot be attached behind another Tipper. The Big Body is also the largest universal Tipper in the game that has a Drawbar (Bolt) attachment in the rear, so that another (smaller) Tipper or other small trailer can be attached behind it, to form a train.

The Big Body can be commanded to unload its cargo whenever it has reached a designated unloading point, such as the Silo at your farm. The Big Body is the largest Tipper in the base game that has unloading doors both at the sides and at the rear - though it may still be too large to properly offload sideways into certain unloading points, such as the Sugar Beet, Potatoes, and Wood Chips compartments at the farm storage facility. It may need to back up into such unloading points.

Note that the Big Body is only slightly more expensive than the next smaller Tipper, the Kröger Agroliner TAW 30, but has several advantages over it. You might want to save up a little extra cash to purchase the Big Body.