Krone BiG M 500



See also: Krone BiG M 500

The Krone BiG M 500 is the top mower in the game. It is perfect for mowing down the biggest fields seeded with grass for further baling or silaging. There is an option that distributes all of the cut grass in a windrow behind the mower.

Tip: This machine may not be a good choice for the Overgrowing Camp Site mission on Hagenstedt map as the back two mowers sometimes have great trouble with the hills.

Note: In Farming Simulator 14, this mower was available in the 3DS and PS Vita platforms, but not on mobile devices.


Maximum power: 387.76 kW / 520 hp

Working width: 13.2 m

Maintenance: 450 $ / day

Usage: Mowing grass

Price: 349,500 $

Sell: 174,750 $

Big M 500 impresses by its 13.10m work width, which is gained from the 5.30m front mower and two 4.40m side units, enabling work rates of indeed up to 20ha/h as user experience reveals.