Krone Big X 1100


Krone Big X 1100

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The Krone Big X 1100 is a forage harvester available in Farming Simulator 15.

This harvester can only be used to create chaff and can be operated in two modes:

  • You can attach a tipper. In this mode you can't hire a worker and must operate the harvester yourself. Not all tippers will attach to the Big X, only the Brantner E 8041, Kröger Agroliner HKD 302, Farmtech TDK 1600 and the Fliegl TMK 266 BULL and all loading wagons. You can also tow two tippers together and the Big X will fill both- note, however, that forage wagons have no rear hitch and, so, the Big X can only tow one.
  • If you don't attach a tipper you can hire a worker to drive the harvester but you must use another vehicle to tow a tipper alongside the harvester so that it has somewhere to unload into. Unlike a normal grain harvester it has no storage tanks so it will only harvest when there is a tipper alongside.


  • Price: $415,000
  • Maintenance: $810 / day
  • Max power: 761 kW / 1,034 hp
  • Max speed: 42 km/h / 26 mph
  • Max speed (work mode): 6 km/h / 4 mph
  • Fuel capacity: 1,389 L
  • Selling price: $207,500 ($249,000 at shop)
  • Mass: 15,071 kg / 33,226 lbs