Krone Easycollect 1053


Krone Easycollect 1053

See also: Krone Easycollect 1053

The Krone EasyCollect 1053 is a Corn-Chaffing header for the Krone Big X 1100. It is the widest Chaff collector in the unmodded game, and one of the most effective ways to acquire Chaff.

The Easycollect 1053 attaches only to the front of a Krone Big X 1100. Once attached, unfolded, and activated, it must be run over a field of Corn, where it will destroy the corn and collect Chaff instead.

The Easycollect 1053 has a working width of 10.5 meters. Although it does require a certain amount of power, the Big X provides that power easily, making the requirement meaningless. While operating, the Easycollect 1053 imposes a speed limit of 10 km/h.

Always remember to turn off the Big X 1100 when it has no available space to dump the Chaff into - otherwise it will destroy the Corn without any benefits. This only applies when harvesting manually (Hired Workers will refuse to harvest without available space).

The Easycollect 1053 may be folded to the same width as the Big X 1100 for easier transport.

Please make sure to read the article about the Krone Big X 1100, since it operates very differently from other harvesters.


  • Price: $45,000
  • Maintenance: $20 / day
  • Top speed: 10 km/h
  • Selling price: $22,500 ($27,000 at shop)

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