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Kuhn SPV Confort 12



Kuhn SPV Confort 12 is a self propelled mixer wagon. While it is expensive, it has a built in silage cutter that picks up silage and ejects it into its bin. It is unfortunatly smaller than the less expensive Kuhn Profile 1880.

Tip: To easily make mixed rations, put one square hay bale in the bin, add a square bale of straw (optional), and then fill the rest with silage using the silage cutter. Another recipe includes putting one round bale of hay and then filling the rest of the wagon with silage.


Capacity: 12,000 l

Working width: 2 m

Maintenance: 80 $ / day

Usage: Mixing of hay, chaff, and straw for you cows to feed

Price: 136,345 $

Sell: 68,172 $

Today, the self-propelled silage cutter & mixer-wagon offers the lowest feeding cost on the market. With the self-propelled mixers from Kuhn, designed for large herds, low feeding cost is now also synonymous with reliability, service and user-friendliness.

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