FS17 Lely-Hibiscus1515CDProfi
FS17 Lely

The Lely Hibiscus 1515 CD Profi is a type of Windrower in Farming Simulator 17. It is the widest and most expensive model of Windrower available in the base game. Thanks to its width, it excels at merging Hay after a Tedder pass, and is also large enough to merge together the Straw Swaths left behind by larger Harvesters.

Advantages Edit

  • Very Wide: The Hibiscus 1515 is the widest Windrower in the base game, at 14.8 meters. This makes it extremely effective at merging together the Hay trails left behind a Tedder. It is also wide enough to merge together the Straw Swaths left behind the largest of Harvesters (although the effectiveness of this is questionable).
  • Folding: When not in use, the Hibiscus 1515 can fold itself from a width of 14.8 meters down to a mere 3.2 meters, for easy transit and storage.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Very Expensive: The Hibiscus 1515 is the most expensive of all Windrowers, at $62,000. This is more than twice the cost of the next-smaller model, the Kuhn GA 9531.
  • Not Effective for Mower Combo: The Hibiscus 1515 can be hooked up behind a Tractor carrying a three-headed Mower combo, to collect together the mowed grass trails into a single Windrow. However it is much wider than any mower, and this extra width does not improve the Hibiscus' effectiveness in this particular role, compared to the narrower (and cheaper) Kuhn GA 9531. It is actually more effective to simply complete the entire mowing process first, and only then go through the field with a Hibiscus 1515.
  • Heavy: The Hibiscus 1515 weighs 5.6 tons. A Small-class Tractor may have issues towing and operating this tool.

Specifications Edit

  • Price: $62,000
  • Maintenance Cost: $70 / day
  • Leasing Costs: $560 + $1,400/h + $280/d
  • Valid Materials: Grass, Hay, Straw
  • Working Width: 14.8 meters
  • Material Drop Side: Centerline
  • Max. Working Speed: 18 km/h / 11 mph
  • Power Consumption: 30 kW / 40 hp
  • Attachment Points: Three-point hitch
  • Mass: 5,645 kg

Gallery Edit

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