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See also: Lizard Mobile Fuel Tank

The Lizard Mobile Fuel Tank is the only Fuel Tanker available in Farming Simulator 15. Its purpuse is to serve as a mobile refueling point for other vehicles. It can be filled with Fuel at any fuel pump, and other vehicles can then take fuel from it.

Overview Edit

Vehicles in Farming Simulator 15 use up Fuel as they work. In fact, even a stationary vehicle, when turned on, consumed Fuel every second (at a very low rate). Although most vehicles have very large fuel tanks that will only run out after many hours of work, they do occasionally need to be taken to a Fuel Pump to be refilled. A vehicle that runs out of fuel will refuse to work.

Driving vehicles to a Fuel Pump every time they need refuelling can require some work. The Mobile Fuel Tank alleviates the problem somewhat, by allowing you to take the Fuel to your vehicles instead.

The Mobile Fuel Tank is nothing more than a large metal container on wheels. It can carry up to 4,500 liters of Fuel.

The Mobile Fuel Tank has a Drawbar (Ball) hitch at the front, which can be attached to any tractor in the game. It can also be attached to the Lizard PiQup, as well as most Harvesters. Any vehicle towing this device can operate it just fine. Note that vehicles with low horsepower output may struggle achieving top speed when dragging a full Fuel tank, but should still be able to move it around alright.

To fill the tank with Fuel, simply drive it up to any of the Fuel Pumps on the map. There are several of these on each map, and they are all marked with a fuel pump icon that is visible on the mini-map. Once the tank is next to a Fuel Pump, hit the button to begin filling. Filling will automatically stop when the tank is full, or if you drive away from the pump. You can also stop filling manually, by hitting the button again.

Fuel is purchased at a price of about $0.7 per liter. A full tank will therefore cost about $3150.

A Mobile Fuel Tank can service several vehicles in one go. It can refill the largest vehicles in the game at least twice.

A Mobile Fuel Tank is absolutely required if you ever let a vehicle run out of fuel. It would be impossible to get that vehicle to fuel pump.


  • Price: $8,500
  • Maintenance: $5 / day
  • Capacity: 4,500 L
  • Selling price: $4,250 ($5,100 at shop)
  • Front Hitch: Drawbar (Ball)

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