Lizard Wheel Loader



See also: Lizard Wheel Loader

This is the biggest front loader available in game. Its shovel can hold up to 10,000 liters of silage or manure which makes it a very desirable piece of equipment for the dedicated in silage and dairy.


Max. power: 190 kW / 254.8 hp

Maintenance: 220 $ / day

Top speed: 35 kmh / 22 mph

Usage: Compressing and removing silage from silos, loading of manure

Price: 98,995 $

Sell: 49,479 $

This wheel loader with articulated-frame steering allows you to fill silage into a biogas plant. You can also heave silage or manure onto a trailer. The wheel loader is also usable for compacting the silage inside bunker silos.

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