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Log Cutting.

Logs are a commodity produced by cutting down trees and by cutting the branches off with a chainsaw or the Ponsse ScorpionKing.

Cutting/Harvesting logsEdit

There will be a blue circle (on XBox 360 and PS4) where you can cut. You can also adjust the angle of the chainsaw as well, which may change where you can cut the trees and branches.

Transporting logsEdit


Logs are usually transported via timber trailers or log-semitrailers.

But unfortunately when loaded, there is no difference in weight when unloaded.

Selling logsEdit

Logs can be sold to either the station or the lumber yard by using a loader with a log grabber attachment to drop the logs into the train car. Logs can also be sold by pushing them into the log pond at the lumber yard. This is best for long, straight logs as they return the best value when sold this way.

Small logs such as branches get best value by placing them in the Jenz Hem 583 chipper and selling the resulting wood chips at the Biomass Heating Plant