Lsportal, also known as was one of the most respected Farming Simulator 2009 modding communities. They existed starting with 2009 and they still make a few mods for Farming Simulator 2013 but their site is now called They were known for the mods:

  • TSZ map, which existed starting with version 1 and the last one being version 3 (their most known map)
  • Minimap, a small map
  • EAH map by Eyke (Which was made by another modder in collaboration with lsportal)
  • KOLOS SZK 6, a combine made by balogh2003, one of the lsportal developers
  • RABA pack, made by balogh2003

TSZ map Edit

TSZ map is lsportal's most known creation. The main farm is located in a TSZ, a communist hungarian farm. In all of the maps there is also a village nearby, and usually a grain elevator. The TSZ map version 1 was not so popular because of poor building quality. However, starting with version 2 it became popular. It was edited and even converted to Farming Simulator 2011 , however version 2 does not seem to exist anymore for download. TSZ map version 3 was the most popular TSZ map created. It featured new models (a village with new houses, two cowsheds on the farm and a grain elevator). TSZ map v2 is mostly seen in Farming Simulator 2011, even if it was available for Farming Simulator 2009.


TSZ map v3

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