FS17 MAN-TGS18480

The MAN TGS 18.480 is a Truck available in Farming Simulator 17. This is the cheapest truck that can reach 82 km/h / 51 mph, one of the highest speeds of any vehicle. Its other qualities, however, are not as remarkable, and it has an abnormally small Fuel Tank.

Advantages Edit

  • Fast: The TGS 18.480 is the cheapest Truck with a top speed of 82 km/h / 51 mph. This is one of the highest top speeds in the game, second only to Cars, and is as fast as a Train.
  • Free Wide Tires: The TGS 18.480 comes with a "Wide Tires" upgrade by default, for no extra cost.
  • Cabin Over Engine: The cabin of the TGS 18.480 is situated above the engine, giving the truck a flat front ("European" style). This makes it much easier to maneuver the truck in narrow spaces, especially when driving in first-person view.
  • Front Bolt Attachment: By default, the TGS 18.480 has a Drawbar (Bolt) attachment at the front, for towing cargo in reverse.
  • Rear PTO: The MAN TGS has a rear power take off point, allowing it to operate implements that require power and are able to be pulled via a Drawbar. This allows the MAN TGS to be used as a powerful tractor giving 480hp for only $165,000 albeit only being to operate a limited selection of equipment.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Only Two Axles: The TGS 18.480 has only two axles, with only two wheels on each axle. This gives it very poor traction compared to other Truck models, reducing effectiveness when pulling heavy weights uphill.
  • Small Fuel Tank: The Fuel Tank of the TGS 18.480 can only hold 400 Liters of fuel - a small amount compared to the power of its engine. It will need refueling much more often than other trucks.

Customization Edit

Attachers Edit

Main Color Edit

Default color
Full palette available +$1,600

Rim Color Edit

Default color
Full palette available +$200


  • Price: $165,000
  • Maintenance Cost: $540/ day
  • Leasing Costs: $3,300 + $8,250/h + $1,650/d
  • Engine power: 353 kW / 480 hp
  • Max speed: 82 km/h / 51 mph
  • Max Reverse Speed: 15 km/h / 9 mph
  • Fuel capacity: 400 L
  • Front Attachments: Drawbar (Bolt)
  • Rear Attachments: Fifth Wheel, optional Drawbar (Ball) + Drawbar (Bolt)
  • Mass: 9,169 kg

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