FS17 MasseyFerguson-MF7700
FS17 MasseyFerguson

The Massey Ferguson MF 7700 is a Tractor available in Farming Simulator 17. It is a strong medium tractor capable of working with both small and medium implements. The MF 7700 may look average (if a bit cheap) in all respects, but it has a hidden surprise: Two engine upgrades that can ultimately boost its power far beyond that of any tractor of its size, making it potentially the strongest medium tractor in the base game. The MF 7700 has no real disadvantages, either.

Advantages Edit

  • Two Powerful Engine Upgrades: The MF 7700 can accept two different engine upgrades. The first is a fairly standard upgrade that can help the MF 7700 remain competitive with other tractors of its size. The second is a much stronger upgrade that boosts the MF 7700 to the horsepower capacity of large-class tractors, at significantly lower costs. It allows the MF 7700 to handle (albeit with some difficulty) both large field equipment and fully-loaded medium tippers.
  • Full Wheel Customization: The MF 7700 can be fitted with a wide variety of different wheel types, for maximum flexibility.

Disadvantages Edit

  • No Color Customization: The MF 7700 cannot be repainted in any way.

Customization Edit

Front Loader Attacher Edit

Engine Setup Edit

  • 7719: No change to engine power.
  • 7722 (+$15,000 and +$30/d): Increases engine power output to 177 kW / 240 hp, out-performing a non-upgraded Case IH Puma CVX in both power and purchase cost, and allowing the tractor to operate medium field implements with ease.
  • 7726 (+$35,000 and +$70/d): Increases engine power output to 206 kW / 280 hp, which rivals some of the cheaper large-class tractors (while costing much less). This allows the MF 7700 to operate certain large field implements, though not comfortably so.

Wheel Setup Edit

  • Standard: A set of Wide Tires for no extra cost. Gives slightly better stability.
  • Wheel Weights (+$1,400): Attaches heavy weights to the rims of the tractor's rear wheels. Acts as a built-in Weight.
  • Wide Tires (+$1,800): Slightly wider tires give a bit of extra stability.
  • Narrow Tires (+$1,500): A narrower set of wheels. Slightly improves the vehicle's turning radius, but also makes it more prone to tipping over.

Specifications Edit

Gallery Edit

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