FS17 Metaltech-DB8
FS17 Metaltech

The Metaltech DB 8 is a Tipper available in Farming Simulator 17. It is the smallest and cheapest Tipper in the base game. Its small capacity makes it useful only for small-scale transport. It has a hinged front axle, which makes reverse driving difficult and frustrating.

Advantages Edit

  • Cheap: The DB 8 is the cheapest Tipper in the game, and one of the most cost-efficient in terms of Price per Capacity.
  • Excellent Forward Maneuverability: The DB 8 has a hinged front axle, which allows it to turn very tightly and match any maneuver made by the towing vehicle.
  • Light: Even when full, it is possible to tow a DB 8 with a Small-class Tractor. A good medium tractor can pull a chain of 2 or 3 of them.
  • Physically Small: The side walls of the DB 8 are low enough that any machine in the game should be able to load cargo into it, including the smallest Harvesters.
  • Multiple Unload Options: The DB 8 can tip its cargo out the rear door, a rear grain door, a left door, or a right door.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Very Low Capacity: With only 8,000 Liters of holding space, the DB 8 is mostly useful for moving small amounts of cargo. For example, a single unplowed and unfertilized hectare of Wheat yields 8,900 Liters of cargo.
  • Poor Reverse Maneuverability: The DB 8 has a hinged front axle, which makes it extremely frustrating to push this tipper in reverse.

Customization Edit

Wheel Setup Edit

  • Standard (+$0): Standard-width wheels.
  • Wide Tires (+$400): A wider set of tires increases this Tipper's stability by a small amount.

Specifications Edit

  • Price: $9,400
  • Maintenance Cost: $5 / day
  • Leasing Costs: $188 + $470/h + $94/d
  • Cargo Types: Any loose material (full list here)
  • Capacity: 8,000 Liters
  • Front Attachment Point: Drawbar (Bolt)
  • Rear Attachment Point: Drawbar (Bolt)
  • Tipping Sides: Back, Grain Door, Left, Right
  • Mass (empty): 3,541 kg

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