FS17 Metaltech-PP20
FS17 Metaltech

The Metaltech PP 20 is an Auger Wagon available in Farming Simulator 17. It is the smallest and cheapest of the two Auger Wagon models in the base game. It is also slightly smaller in size, which allows it to be loaded more easily by Skid Steer Loaders and small Harvesters.

Advantages Edit

  • Cheap: The PP 20 is the cheaper of the two Auger Wagon models available in the base game, by a margin of $36,000. Until you can afford the larger model, this is probably a better choice.
  • Physically Smaller: The side walls of the PP 20 are just barely low enough that Skid Steer Loaders should be able to lift Pallets above it, when tilted correctly. It is also small enough to service the smallest Harvester models (e.g. the Sampo Rosenlew Comia C6).

Disadvantages Edit

  • Lower Capacity: The PP 20 can hold about 30% less cargo than the larger (and significantly more expensive) Bergmann GTW 430.
  • Heavy: The PP 20 weighs 7 tons when empty, which makes it relatively easy to tow with a small vehicle - but it can weigh up to 3 times as much when filled with certain types of cargo (especially Solid Fertilizer). This will require a stronger vehicle to tow properly.

Specifications Edit

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