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Mods are a feature in Farming Simulator 15 which allow the player to download additional content. Mods can add a variety of content, including new vehicles, equipment, maps, and crops. An official hub for mods can be accessed by clicking the mods button on the in-game menu, or by going to the Farming Simulator website

Popular modsEdit

Gameplay mods Edit

  • Savegame Editor Edit everything you have.
  • Money Mod Add 100 000$ by pressing Ctrl+0 (horn)
  • Drive Control Manual engine start, throttle limiter and reverse gear selection
  • Vehicle SortChange Set the order of vehicles when using the 'TAB' key
  • Courseplay Automate actions the hired workers don't do
  • Autosave Saves the game every five minutes, so you don't lose all of your work

Vehicle/Equipment mods Edit

Maps Edit

External LinksEdit

Tested ModsEdit

Mods on these sites have to pass various tests performed by a dedicated team in order to be accepted:

Other Mod SitesEdit

In alphabetical order:

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