FS17 Poettinger-MEX5
FS17 Poettinger

The Pöttinger MEX 5 is a unique type of Corn Chaff Header. Like other Corn Chaff Headers, it is designed to cut Corn and produce Chaff, but it also has two important features that make it a very special machine: The MEX 5 can only be attached to a Tractor (not to a Forage Harvester), and it features an overloading pipe. Therefore, the MEX 5 effectively turns any Tractor into a Forage Harvester - allowing you to create Chaff for the very cheap price of this tool. On the other hand, the Working Width of the MEX 5 is tiny compared to other Corn Chaff Headers.

Note: This Wiki classifies the Pöttinger MEX 5 as a Corn Chaff Header, since it shares more in common with that category of tools than with Forage Harvesters. Nonetheless, the game classifies it as a Forage Harvester, and therefore it is found in the "Forage Harvesters" category at the store.

Advantages Edit

  • Tractor-Mounted: The MEX 5 has a Three-point hitch attachment point, and can only be connected to Tractors. This effectively turns the tractor into a Forage Harvester. This means that instead of buying an expensive Forage Harvester, you can use this tool with your existing field tractors to create Chaff from your Corn crops.
  • Overloading Pipe: The MEX 5 is the only Corn Chaff Header that has an overloading pipe. This is what allows it to turn a Tractor into a Forage Harvester: it will automatically dump any material you cut into any valid container (Tipper or Loading Wagon) it can find nearby - preferably one being towed by the Tractor itself. This pipe obeys all of the rules explained in the article on Forage Harvesters.
  • Cheap: Other than saving you the money on buying a Forage Harvester, the MEX 5 itself is a cheap tool - costing only as much as the largest Corn Chaff Header. This assumes, of course, that you already own a Tractor.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Single Function: The MEX 5 only allows the Tractor to cut Corn and create Chaff. It does not allow other functions available from other types of Forage Headers, such as cutting Grass, etc.
  • Extremely Narrow: Whereas the normal Working Width of Corn Chaff Headers is at least 6.0 meters, the MEX 5 has a Working Width of only 2.2 meters. This makes Chaffing work very slow.

Specifications Edit

  • Price: $38,000
  • Maintenance Cost: $20 / day
  • Leasing Costs: $760 + $1,900/h + $380/d
  • Working Width: 2.2 meters.
  • Max. Working Speed: 9 km/h / 6 mph
  • Power Consumption: 65 kW / 88 hp
  • Rear Attachments: Three-point hitch
  • Mass: 2,060 kg

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