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The Pöttinger TOP 1252 is a Windrower available in Farming Simulator 15. It is mid-sized compared to the other Windrowers in the base game. It can collect several trails of Mowed Grass, Dried Grass or Straw into a single, narrow trail - making it easier to pick up.

Overview Edit

The TOP 1252 is a mid-sized Windrower. It is based on a long metal shaft, supported by two large wheels. Two hydraulic arms extend off the main shaft, each holding a two large rotating discs covered with combs. These combs pull any loose Grass or Straw they touch towards the central axis of the machine, leaving a narrow trail behind it as it passes.

The TOP 1252 has a Three-point hitch, which can be attached to the rear of most tractors. It can also be attached to the front of some tractors, but will not work while attached that way.

When unfolded, lowered and activated, the TOP 1252 will pull any piece of Mowed Grass, Dried Grass or Straw it touches towards the machine's centerline, but will not pick it off the ground. When passing over large swaths of these substances, or multiple existing trails, it will combine them all into a single, neat, narrow trail. This new trail should be very easy to pick up with other machines, such as Loading Wagons or Balers, as required. The TOP 1252 will not interact with any other crops in the game, in any way.

The TOP 1252 has a working width of 12.5 meters. This should be sufficient to collect together up to four adjacent trails of Mowed Grass left behind by a Mower, into a single trail. 12.5 meters is also sufficient to combine together two Straw swaths left behind by most Harvesters. The TOP 1252 enforces a maximum speed of 19 km/h while working.

The store reports that the TOP 1252 requires 66 kW / 90 hp to operate, but this is not a very good recommendation. For one, even the smallest tractor can tow the TOP 1252 rather comfortably when it is not operating. But once the device is turned on, a tractor with 90 hp will struggle to hit top speed at any incline. You might want to use this tool with a tractor with at least 150 hp, for comfortable fieldwork. Of course, if the TOP 1252 is mounted in tandem with a Kuhn FC 10030 Mower (a tool combo that mows two trails of Grass and windrows them together immediately), you might need a far more powerful tractor.


  • Price: $32,000
  • Maintenance: $60 / day
  • Working width: 12.5m
  • Required power: 66 kW / 90 hp
  • Max speed (work mode): 19 km/h / 12 mph
  • Selling price: $16,000 ($19,200 at shop)
  • Front Hitch: Three-point hitch

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