Pigs are one of the four animal types available in Farming Simulator 17 . Pigs are the cheapest animal in the game (besides chickens). Unlike cows and sheep, pigs do not produce any products, instead money is made by breeding and selling pigs. In order to shorten the reproduction level, pigs must be provided with food, water, and straw for bedding.


Pigs can be bought at Mary's Farm for $3000 each. You can either transport them yourself using an animal trailer or pay the transport fee ($200 per animal) to directly transport them to your farm.


When you acquire your pigs, their productivity level will be 0%. This means that they will not be breeding and you will not be making money, because of their maintenance cost. To start the reproduction cycle, you must feed and take care of your pigs.

Like all other animals, pigs require water. You fill up a water tank at the nearest fountain and then unload it at one of the troughs.

In order for pigs to have maximum productivity, they require a diverse diet. The optimal food mixture is:

All these crops can be hard to get in the beginning of the game, especially root crops. You can purchase Pig Food BigBags for $1400 each. They contain a 1000 l of perfect food mixture, but it is expensive in the long run.

Finally, you can boost the productivity by another 10% by providing them with straw bedding. You can do this by using a Loading Wagon and unloading it by the pasture, or a Straw Blower such as the Kuhn PRIMOR 15070. If you choose to use the straw blower, you can use a Skid Steer to load bales into the shredder, and then blow them into the pasture. Alternatively, you can also scoop up straw with a shovel attachment and dump it into the pasture directly.